Why are kitchen Cabinets so Expensive?

You are not alone. The question of why are kitchen cabinets so expensive right now is on the lips of most homeowners that are on the verge of kitchen remodeling or renovation. 


There are lots of factors that contribute to the high cost of getting kitchen cabinets, and we will discuss the factors in this article.

The factors to discuss are as follows:

  • Material
  • Production process 
  • Cost of installation

Above all, you will learn how to reduce the cost or how to save money on new kitchen cabinets.

Let’s take a deep look into the materials used for the construction of kitchen cabinets. Over 80 percent of the materials used for kitchen cabinets are wood.

There are 4 types of wood, which are hardwood, plywood, fiber wood, and particleboard. The cost of a kitchen cabinet largely depends on the type of wood used.


Why are kitchen cabinets so expensive – Materials


Kitchen cabinets made of hardwood such as hickory or maple are the most durable and most expensive.

The strength of the wood makes it dent resistant. In other words, they resist scratching and denting.

The hardness of the wood adds to its high-quality finishing. 


Plywood is a semi-hardwood. They are laminated particles of wood overlaid with a hardwood veneer. Plywood comes in 5 grades, which are grade AA, A, B, C, and E.


Grade the E is the least expensive among all, while grade AA is the most expensive.


Most IKEA kitchen cabinets are made of fiberwood, and they are very cost-effective, hence the reason for its popularity.

The wood is made from recycled fibers, resin and wax pressed together under high pressure. The production process of fiberwood makes it hard enough for constructing kitchen cabinets.

Above all, the production process is cost-effective which translates to making affordable kitchen cabinets


This is a low density rather than medium-density wood. They are almost in the same form as plywood. They are made from wood particles, which makes them very affordable. Most IKEA kitchen cabinets utilize particleboard.

The downside of making a kitchen cabinet with particleboard is that it does not last if constantly exposed to water.

So, if you are asking how much should I pay for the kitchen cabinet, then the choice of the wood will determine that.  

Why are kitchen cabinets so expensive- Production Process

Production processes add up to the reason kitchen cabinets are so expensive. Making a kitchen cabinet takes a whole lot of steps, and each step takes both time and money.


The making of kitchen cabinets starts with making the case panels. This entails cutting the plywood to the required sizes. The ideal size of plywood needed for the construction of a kitchen cabinet is ¾”.

 Step 2:

At this stage, you form what is called a face frame piece. This is the skeletal arrangement to determine the cabinet doors and drawers. This is the overall structural development of the kitchen cabinets.


This is the assembly stage. Each plywood will be fixed to its specified position. While maintaining the provisions made for cabinet doors and drawers.

Step 4

This is the stage where you prep and construct the doors and drawers. This stage requires a high level of concentration because the doors and drawers project the beauty of the kitchen cabinets.

 Step 5

 At this stage, you paint or spray the kitchen cabinet to the desired color.

 From the steps above, do you see the reason why kitchen cabinets are so expensive right now?

Why are kitchen cabinets so expensive- Installation Cost 

After manufacturing, human effort is needed for assembling and packaging. Some are even hired to count the cabinets. Others are employed to oversee the entire process, just like the manager. Each of these additional labor costs a certain amount of money. The entire cost is then added to the cost of the kitchen cabinet. 

How to reduce the cost of Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re already in the process of renovation or want to start, I believe this section will help you reduce the cost of kitchen cabinets. Before you place an order, follow these simple steps. 

The first suggestion on how to reduce the cost of a kitchen cabinet is to build one yourself. Therefore, if you are searching for how to build kitchen cabinets from scratch, then watch this video.

You can make a kitchen cabinet yourself once you have the right information and guide at your disposal. Try it. Making one is so easy and more affordable than you can imagine.

Step 1: Consider your material

Experience has shown that the durability of a kitchen cabinet largely depends on its usage. This means that even if you buy the one made of hardwood, it will fail quickly if roughly handled.

Therefore, I suggest you go for kitchen cabinets made of plywood or fiberboards. 

They are affordable and durable as long as you play by the rule

 Step 2: Select a mid-tier or new brand

One good trick to getting a cheaper kitchen cabinet is to select a mid-range or new brand. These types of brands tend to make their products less expensive. It’s a technique called the penetration technique. It is used to enter the market. If you can spot such brands, then you can get quality cabinets for a very affordable price. 

Step 3: Look for bargains

During the festive periods, almost all the brands have discount codes and promos available. And you can find active and working codes. An example is Black Friday offers. Take advantage of such deals and get your kitchen cabinet at an affordable price. 

Why are Kitchen Cabinets so Expensive – Conclusion

Kitchen cabinets are expensive but they are the beauty of the kitchen. Therefore, you need it in your kitchen.

So, how much you should pay for a kitchen cabinet depends on your budget and taste. 

Above all, make sure you handle your kitchen cabinet with care at all times.

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