What is a Garden Tub?

Garden tubs are growing in popularity at a very rapid rate. The next question for those that aren’t familiar with them is, “What is a garden tub?”


It is a large tub that provides the user with an amazing level of relaxation beyond what regular tubs provide. Several questions come to mind once you understand what these tubs are.

For example, how much space do you need to install a garden tub for mobile homes? How much do garden tubs cost?


You can install a garden tub with a shower in your home. It doesn’t matter if it is an existing bathroom or a new one. This post will focus on differentiating between the garden and regular tubs and the purpose of garden tubs.

We will also discuss some other important pieces of information regarding garden tubs so grab a seat and let’s journey together.

What is the difference between a garden tub and a regular tub?

To differentiate between garden tubs and regular tubs, we need to answer the question, “What is a garden tub?” Different schools of thought have different opinions but they all converge around the same focal point.


A garden tub is a freestanding, deep, oval-shaped, soaking tub. It allows the user to submerge their whole body inside to enjoy a fully immersive experience.

They range from the sleek minimalist oval tub designs to the “bateau-style” tubs of the nineteenth century. While garden tubs are mostly oval, they may come in other shapes like rectangular, round, or asymmetrical.

Now that we know what a garden tub is, let’s differentiate it from a regular tub. The main difference between both tubs lies in their sizes. Garden tubs are much larger and deeper than regular tubs.

An average garden tub’s dimensions are 60 inches by 42 inches by 24 inches. What this means is that it has a length of 60 inches, a width of 42 inches, and a depth of 24 inches. In some cases, garden tubs may have a length of about 70 inches and a depth of 40 inches.


Regular tubs are a lot smaller. They are between 50 inches and 60 inches long and just 30 inches wide. You will never find a regular tub that is as deep as a garden tub.

Another major difference between both tubs is their designs. Garden tubs come with more luxurious designs than regular tubs.

They are mostly made from natural materials and have arched or curved sides. Because of the design, users find it easy to fit inside a garden tub more comfortably than a regular tub.

Finally, garden tubs are always freestanding even though some people may decide to build them into their bathrooms. Regular tubs are always built into the bathrooms.

What is the purpose of a garden tub?

The purpose of a garden tub still centers on answering the question, “what is a garden tub?” This tub is freestanding and allows the user to soak or immerse their bodies completely.

We have established the fact that garden tubs are larger, wider, and deeper than their regular counterparts. One question remains, why invest in a garden tub instead of a regular bathtub?

A garden tub is a marriage of a regular tub with several other features. Some of these features include removable shower heads, spouts, faucets, and center drains.

These tubs also allow more room for customization as you can purchase different hardware to complement each design. Below are some of the reasons why you should invest in a garden tub:

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Aesthetic appeal

Regular tubs are fitted to bathroom walls. While there are some beautiful ones, there isn’t much that meets the eye. A garden tub, on the other hand, is always attractive regardless of its location. It doesn’t matter if it is a garden tub for mobile homes or it is a garden tub with a jet in a living room.

The fact that these tubs are freestanding is a plus on its own. There are no restrictions on the designs and you can have them anywhere you like.

Many owners pick styles that suit their home theme to improve their aesthetics. As we mentioned above, garden tubs are luxurious art pieces. You can even add them to your home to increase its resale value.

High-quality materials

One of the major benefits of owning a garden tub is the kind of materials used in manufacturing them. Asides from being easily customizable, these tubs are produced from natural, non-rust materials.

Examples of these materials include enameled cast iron, stainless steel, and stone resin. With this, you don’t have to spend so much money or effort on maintenance.


The main purpose of garden tubs is comfort. You get home after a long day at work and you just immerse yourself inside the tub while seeing a movie. Manufacturers of garden tubs design them with your comfort in mind. It is not just about the aesthetics or the materials, it is how relaxing these tubs can be.

Do garden tubs have jets?

Yes, there are garden tubs with jets and they are popularly known as “whirlpool tubs.” These tubs have air or water jets along with pumps. These jets aim to create air bubbles and massage the user’s body.

Unlike regular garden tubs, garden tubs with jets require electricity and extra plumbing. They also come with additional features like underwater lighting that add to the ambiance.

Whirlpool tubs are the same size as other garden tubs. However, we have some that are as large as 80 inches by 60 inches by 30 inches.

What is a Garden Tub-Conclusion

This post has answered the question, “what is a garden tub?” It has also shed some light on the differences between garden tubs and regular tubs as well as the purpose of garden tubs. If you have any questions, you can drop them in the comments section.

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