How to Remove Wren Kitchen Drawers

I know how frustrating it could be when it becomes difficult to remove wren kitchen drawers if the need arises. Wren is a brand that provides its consumers with different styles of kitchen equipment, which include modern, Shaker, and traditional kitchen equipment.


If you are encountering difficulties regarding the removal of any of their drawers for cleaning or replacement purposes, no need to worry.

We have prepared a step-by-step guide for you, which you can follow to understand how to remove Wren kitchen drawers easily.


The link to a video showing exactly how to do it is towards the end of the article. So, read and watch to get the grip over it.

A quick one, the guide on how to remove wren kitchen drawers found here applies to almost every other brand of a kitchen drawer.

Let’s look deep into the process of removing kitchen drawers.


How to remove Wren Kitchen Drawers

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can remove your wren kitchen drawers.

Drawer Removal:

Firstly, select the drawer that you want to remove. Once you have selected the drawer that needs to be removed, open it to its maximum extension until the rollers stop rolling.

In other words, pull the drawer in your direction until it gets to the end of its limit.

The front of the drawer is held down on each side into the runner with a spring clip. If you just try to lift the drawers will break the runners.


So, you should release the spring clip. But before then you need to remove the drawer front. To remove the drawer front, you have to lift it upward against the spring clip with a reasonable force.

Lifting the drawer front will disconnect it and you will know by hearing the disconnection sound.

Alternatively, insert both of your index fingers inside the wide hole from the downward position.

This should trigger the mechanism, and you will be able to easily lift the drawer. But don’t try to lift the drawer without hearing a disconnecting sound.

Once you have applied any of the above-mentioned methods, the drawer is loose enough to disconnect completely from the system.

Gently remove. You can repeat the whole process for all the other Wren kitchen drawers you want to remove.

The techniques mentioned above will work on any of the Wren kitchen designs regardless of their style. Also, it works for any other brand of akitchen drawer.

Once you have removed your wren kitchen drawer and performed the necessary actions, It is time to fix it back. If you are thinking of how to fix it back, don’t worry about that either, because we cover that process here

Wren Kitchen Drawers – Fixing it Back

Once you are done with your purpose of removing the drawer, it is time to fix it back

Fully extend the drawer rollers out of the unit. And align the drawer and rollers.

Make sure that the groove on the drawer side and the roller mechanism are aligned perfectly. Once you are sure that they are aligned perfectly, Place the drawer on the mechanism.

Now apply some force to the drawer until you hear a click sound. Do not apply too much force as it could damage the mechanism itself.

Once the click sound is heard, the drawer is now perfectly aligned to the runner. Push the drawer back into the runner. You can check whether the drawer is aligned or not by moving it back and forth once you are satisfied.

You can repeat the same process for all the other drawers.

How to remove Wren Kitchen Drawers -FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that we have tried to answer.

How do you replace a wren kitchen drawer front?

Here is a guide on how you can do it.

First of all, open the drawer for which you want to replace the front. Once fully extended, at the very beginning, you will notice cover caps.

Remove the cover caps from both sides. Once caps are removed, you will need a screwdriver. Get a screwdriver matching the drawer requirements.

Put the screwdriver into the release mechanism and turn it. You will now be able to remove the existing drawer front.

Now, take out the new front and place it on a flat surface.

Remove the fittings from the old front and transfer them to the new front.

Clip the new front in place of the old one. Check for alignment. Lock it into position and refit all the cover caps.

How do I put the wren drawers in?

You just need to align the runners and drawer. Put the drawer onto the runner, press it firmly, and move the drawer back and forth. You are good to go.

How to remove Wren Kitchen Drawers-Conclusion

This article is all about how to remove wren kitchen drawers the easy way. And how you can fix it back perfectly.

Watch the practical video here

All you have to do is to follow the instructions listed above. You can make do of any of the two ways explained above.

You need to be careful when handling the drawers to avoid any form of damage that may lead to more cost.

However, if you are not comfortable handling it yourself, get the service of an expert to do it perfectly. Though it does not come cheap, but it is affordable.

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