How to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs

If you are looking for a great way to get rid of Boxelder bugs without any physical or structural harm, here it is.


Boxelder bugs are common during the fall of the winter season and they are not harmful. Although they are harmless, they occupy space and cause a nuisance with their constant buzzing just like other insects.

Because of the harmless nature of these black bugs, it is easy and safe to get rid of these bugs from home. Below is a step-by-step process and tips on how to get rid of boxelder bugs naturally.


How to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs

#1. Cover up every crack and broken place. 

The first step of getting rid of boxelder bugs is by preventing them from getting into your home in the first place. Boxelder bugs are just like every other bug that enters the house with every little opportunity. They either follow broken places in your doors or windows to enter your house.

Aside from sealing up all the cracks found in your doors and windows, also ensure you properly lock the windows and any useful openings. These bugs are opportunist in nature and leverage every opportunity to get into the house.

2 Things to Avoid when Getting rid of Boxelders Bugs

Avoid squashing the bugs 

One common mistake we all make is to squash the bug when we find it in our house. Although it’s part of our human nature and happens to be a reflex-driven action, you need to avoid doing it.


This is because boxelder bugs produce an offensive odor when squished. The odor produced serves as a defensive method aimed at keeping predators away from it.

Avoid using Repellants or insecticide

Research has shown that just like other bugs, boxelder bugs are beginning to produce resistance to insecticides or pesticides. The commonly safe chemicals are no longer effective and this has led scientists into producing stronger insecticides with unsafe and harmful chemicals.

These chemicals are sometimes ineffective and will be counted as a waste of resources. Aside from wasting resources, you will also be endangering the lives and safety of the children and pets living in your house.

Since squashing the bug is not an option because of the release of toxic smell and using pesticide due to health reasons is also not an Option…,


How then should you kill the Boxelder Bug? 

The safest way to get rid of boxelder bugs naturally is using homemade soap spray. And It is very easy to make and use.  The steps are as follows:

  • Firstly, you get a clean spray can.
  • Secondly, you fill the can with clean water.
  • Thirdly, you add a little bit of your liquid washing soap and Spray…!!

Therefore, use the homemade liquid spray to kill the boxelder bugs wherever you find them buzzing around in your house.

Frequently Ask Questions

What Attracts Boxelder Bugs?

If you have an elder tree in your garden or environment, winter will be a good season to remove or trim it. Because it is one of the things that attracts boxelder bugs.

Elder Trees are found to produce little helicopter seedlings that tend to attract Boxelder Bug.

So if you happen to have this tree around, I’ll suggest you chop it down or constantly trim and now.

Unlike most bugs that are attracted by food or prey, Boxelder Bugs are among the few bugs that are harmless and are attracted to a warm environment during the winter.

During the winter season when everything is cold, they migrate from the open environment like the garden and farm to anywhere that seems to be warm and natural. And our houses are bound to be warm, hence the reason for their presence.

Once these bugs are already inside the house, they locate a Safe place for themselves. At first, you will find them buzzing around. And after a while of buzzing without disturbance from the house owner, they hibernate till the winter season is over.

What do Boxelder Hate?

Guessing what these types of bugs hate is very easy. Almost all discovered bugs hate the smell of Sage, whole cloves, and lavender so to prevent Boxelder from entering or hibernating in your house, it is advisable to drop spots and sachets of Sage around your house.

Do Boxelder Bugs go Away? 

Of course, they do. They only migrate from the open environment to your house in search of a warm place to hibernate. After the winter season, these Boxelder Bugs find their way out of your house.

Aside from waiting for the winter to be over to have the boxelder bugs leave, you can as well use the homemade liquid spray to get rid of boxelder bugs safely.

What Spray Kills Boxelder Bugs?

Chemically, the only insecticide capable of killing Boxelder Bugs is Pyrethrin sprays. This spray contains Insecticidal soap, Water, and Pyrethrin as the active chemical.

Naturally, the best spray to get rid of Boxelder Bugs is homemade liquid soap spray containing nothing but just water and liquid soap. It is free of poisonous chemicals and has no side effects if smeared on children or pets.

Does Vinegar Repel Boxelder Bugs?

Vinegar is among the list of plants that repels Boxelder bugs from entering your house. You can protect your house from Boxelder bugs by placing Vinegar all-around your house. The smell from the vinegar is a powerful bug repellant. Other plants that repel boxelder bugs are sage, cloves, and lavender.

How to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs-Conclusion

It is an established fact that boxelder bugs are not harmful but can be nuisances in homes and gardens. With the steps listed above, you can get rid of it without causing any health-related issues to people around the house.

Above all, the best practice is to ensure all openings in the house are well closed. Especially, during the winter when the bugs search for a warm environment to be in



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