How to dispose of kitchen knives

Are you searching for the right way to dispose of your kitchen knife? Or do you want to find out if kitchen knives are recyclable in your area?


Whether you use them to slice vegetables, cut steaks, or spread peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich, these blades are a key component in any meal. But how do you dispose of kitchen knives when they are no longer safe to use?

There are several ways to dispose of a kitchen knife without risking the health of anyone or animal that will come in contact with it. In some cases, you need to recycle your old kitchen knives.


This article will teach you how to dispose of your old kitchen knives safely. I will even go further to reveal to you how you can make some money from your old kitchen knives.

Before you think of disposing of your old kitchen knives, I am of the opinion that you critically analyze the condition. This is because you can salvage the knives by sharpening or straightening the blades in the case of bending.

How to Dispose of old Kitchen knives.

The first place that comes to mind when considering where to dispose of old kitchen knives is the bin. Yes, it is one of the best places to dispose of your old kitchen knives, but you must follow the right steps.


Also, there are alternative ways that are discussed here.

Safety is paramount when disposing of your kitchen knives in a bin, which is why you should follow the steps listed below. The steps may be cumbersome but it is worth it because it is the legal way to dispose of your kitchen knives in a bin.

Step 1:

Wrap the knives with rags or thick paper to avoid accidentally cutting humans and animals that may come in contact with it.

Step 2:

To make sure that the wrappings hold for a very long time, you should secure the wrapping with tape or tie it with a rope.


Step 3:

Bend the tip of the knives or use cork for extra safety. This is because the tip is always dangerous, whether sharp or dull.

Step 4:

At this point, you should place the wrapped kitchen knives in a plastic container, put a caution sign and place it in a waste bin.

So, with this, the question can I put kitchen knives in a bin is answered. Just make sure you take all the necessary precautionary measures listed above.

How to Dispose your old Kitchen Knives – Alternative Methods

1. Recycle

Unfortunately, not all kitchen knives are recyclable. Therefore, you need to critically consider the material or metal your knives are made of before searching for recyclable centers near you.

If you can’t determine the strength of the material, just go to the recyclable center around you. This is because they will tell the right state of things regarding your old kitchen knives.

However, make sure you consider all the safety tips listed above before taking your knives to the recycling centers.

2. Sell

Waste to wealth is the era we found ourselves in. Therefore, nothing should be thrown away in the bin without investigating what the waste value is.

So, one of the alternatives is to sell your old kitchen knives to those that deal in scrap. Check your local shop or browse the internet to locate shops that buy metal scrap near you.

3. Donate

Donation is one of the services to humanity that we should never neglect. The rewards are immense. So, whenever you consider throwing away your old belongings, search for where to donate them.

No matter how bad your belonging may look, there are those that need it. The best practice of donation is to ensure that what you are to donate is in a good condition.

So, to donate your old kitchen knives, make sure they are washed and dry. In other words, they must be neat.

One of the best places to go for donation is the police station because they know how to handle it to avoid going to the wrong hand that may misuse it.

Please note, you don’t need to seal the old knives with tape when preparing them for donation. Keep it simple and safe so that the receiver will not take much effort to unlock it.

With these entire steps on how to dispose old kitchen knives, it will be morally wrong to throw away kitchen knives in an open space without protection, or to the environment.

Remember, the material used for kitchen knives blade is not degradable. Therefore, they remain a weapon at all times once they are exposed or not properly disposed of.

How to dispose of Kitchen knives Legally-Conclusion

Change is the only thing that is constant in life, which means at a point in life you need to change your old kitchen knives.

Just make sure you dispose of them properly to avoid getting anyone that comes in contact with them injured. However, dispose of when you are sure your knives cannot be revamped.

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