How to Build a Garden Room – DIY from the Scratch

Searching for how to build a garden room from the scratch?


The benefits of a garden room cannot be overemphasized. It can serve as a gym, private office, children’s playground, and many more.

Making one is usually expensive if you are to hire an expert to do that for you.


Interestingly, you can make one for yourself if you follow the laid down steps found in this article on how to build a garden room on a budget.

Without any doubt, it is cheaper to build your garden room by yourself because it will eliminate a whole lot of cost of labor and consultation.

However, there are some areas you may need the services of an expert, which are the electrical connection and determining the strength of the foundation.


Since the aim of this piece is for you to start and finish your garden room by yourself, then YouTube is a better place to learn any area that you are lacking from the steps you will find below.

Do You Need A Building Permit?

You don’t necessarily need planning permission to erect your garden room as long as you are to do it within the rules guiding your area.

This means you must stick to your permitted development guide because it covers outbuilding, garden room included.

Some of the general rules you must adhere to are as follows:


The garden room must not be attached to your main building

The floor size should be less than 15 sqm. If for any reason you want to make a bigger one then consult your city development agency

The garden room should not serve as an accommodation or sleeping room

Once you observe these rules, you can start your garden room construction.

 How to Build a Garden Room on a Budget- Step by Step

At this stage, I hope you have decided on the style of the garden room to make. If not then you should consider searching for one. The most common garden room styles are the contemporary and traditional styles.

The contemporary styles are made up of crisp lines and large glass panes. While the traditional have either gable roofs with cedar shingle coverings. Find the details of the styles here

Step 1:

Firstly, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary supplies handy. It makes the work easy and faster. Some of the essentials you need on the site are:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Molded blocks
  • Vapour barrier
  • Foil tapes for joints
  • Woodworking tools
  • Wall cladding
  • Electrical and mechanical tools
  • Timbers
  • Shovel
  • Staplegun
  • OSB board
  • Plasterboards
  • Floor laminate
  • Breathable membrane

Step 2

Make a foundation. Before then, you need to clear and level the land. Mind you, the strength of every building lies in the firmness of the foundation.

Therefore, you should make the foundation strong by digging deep and blinding the floor. By blind, I mean filing the foundation base with concrete.

Step 3 

At this point, you have to raise the beams. The essence of the beams is to increase the rigidity of the structure. You’ve to fix the beam by screwing it to the block using the strapping or angle bracket.

To checkmate the wind, you have to staple the membrane under the frame and add a flooring joist to the base. And screw the already made noggins between the joists.

At this point the base or the floor of the garden room is ready, but not without insulation. Meaning that you need to add insulation and add vapour barrier.

Step 4

At this stage, you should erect the walls. The side of the walls without windows and doors is easy to make. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the position of the window and doors for better ventilation

Step 5

It is the roofing time. You get this done by attaching a wall plate on top of two opposite walls on which the length will rest. Then provide notches for ceiling joists

Step 6:

After the roofing comes to the installation of windows and doors. This could be a bit technical because you need to hang them perfectly.

If you any reason you find it difficult and then consult YouTube because we have so many videos on how to build a garden room windows and doors.

Step 7

To reduce the tendency of the wall cracking while the temperature increases, you need to install wall cladding. Before then, make sure your wrap the room with a membrane.

Step 8

I strongly suggest you get the service of an expert at this stage, which is the electrification stage. You have to wire the house and fix all the electrical fittings.

Step 9

This is when you do complete roofing by placing the OBS and cover boards with a membrane. To avoid leakage, ensure that the membranes overlap. Also, cover the membrane sheet with steel sheets.

Step 10

Finally, use quality laminated plywood for the floor.

How to Build a Garden Room – Conclusion

The interior finishing depends on your taste. However, you should make sure that every angle part is well padded for safety and good looking.

Yes, to build a garden room is to walk to the park. So, you need to be prepared financially. I suggest you get yourself a labourer to help in getting your job done fast and right.

With this, I know you have an answer to some of the questions you have been asking such as:

How are garden rooms constructed?

Can you build your garden room? And many more.

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