Garden Tools Names and Uses

Many people take gardening as their hobby these days. While gardening can be quite difficult, having the right tools will make it a lot easier. Every gardener needs to know garden tools names and uses to make their life easier.


With the right tools, you can easily maintain an attractive and healthy garden. Walk into a local gardening supply store and you will be amazed at the number of garden tools available.

This is why you must know the different garden tools names and uses. Having this knowledge saves you from just picking any tools but the exact tools that you need.


This post will show you different gardening tools and their uses. Grab and seat and let’s dive straight in.

Different Garden Tools Names and Uses

Traditionally, you can run a garden with just soil, water, seeds, sunlight, and effort. If you are going to make your work less difficult, you need to have garden tools. This section will show you different gardening tools and their uses.


If you garden in your yard, then a rake is an indispensable garden tool for you. There are different types of rakes and they have different functions.


A bow rake, for example, helps to spread mulch or clear leaves. It also comes in handy for breaking hard garden dirt or leveling soil. Do you now see why you need a rake if you garden in your yard?

Garden Spade

Another tool that you need if you garden in your yard is a garden spade. It helps you to solve most of your digging problems along with a shovel and hand trowel. One of the peculiarities of a garden spade is the design.

It has a square-shaped blade that is designed for tight spaces. This tool is great for digging holes around bushes or plants especially when you have existing plants that don’t need disturbance. It also helps in moving dirt and other digging operations.

Hand trowel

Digging is a major operation that every gardener must engage in. The hand trowel is one of the most important gardening tools for digging.


It doesn’t matter if your garden uses raised beds, containers, or the ground in your yard. You will always need a hand trowel. It comes in handy for digging the soil, pulling up stubborn leaves, or turning the earth in the garden. You can also use it to transfer soil into pots or plant seeds.

Garden Tools Names and Uses-Wheelbarrow

If you have a huge yard for gardening, then you are one of the lucky few. In this case, you will need a wheelbarrow to make your work a lot easier.

A wheelbarrow helps you to move compost, piles of leaves, soil, and other kinds of dirt. It will also help you to transport seedlings from your nursery to the garden beds.

There are two types of wheelbarrow designs. The cart design is for moving plants and tools while the traditional design works best for moving compost and soil.

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Spading fork

The spading fork has different names including graip, garden fork, and digging fork. It shares similarities to the pitchfork and it is used to turn soil and dirt.

The fork comes with four sturdy prongs that help to lift soil and loosen hard dirt. They also help in mixing compost into garden beds. There are different sizes of spading forks so you should make your choice depending on your purposes.


Hoes are among the most common gardening tools out there. A hoe carries out several functions including digging soil, moving dirt, clearing weeds off the topsoil, etc. Different types of hoes carry out various functions so you need to choose the right hoe to meet your needs.

A broad hoe helps to cut through weeds or dig holes while a shuffle hoe is perfect for cutting through the topsoil. You should choose a warren hoe if your working space is small because of its shape and size.


The name of this tool gives away its main function. You use an edger to create edges in a garden. It helps to cut clean lines between the grass and sidewalk, garden bed, or driveway.

This tool has a unique half-circle shape that comes with a lip on top. You can press down on the lip with your foot. All you need to do when using this tool is to put the blade where you need to create the edge.

Now, step on the lip and the tool cuts the soil and rock side-to-side. Move on and repeat these steps to create your edges.

Garden gloves

As you work in your garden, your hands are prone to piercings from splinters and thorns. Also, your hands will get dirty because you have to deal with dirt, soil, and compost.

You can prevent all of this with a pair of garden gloves. Visit your local gardening supplies store to find a suitable pair for your purposes.

Garden Tools Names and Uses-FAQs

This section will provide the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding garden tools names and uses.

What are the uses of garden tools?

Garden tools are used to help make the gardening process a lot easier and more fun. There is a huge array of gardening tools out there. We have shown you some of the most popular ones along with their uses in this post.

How many types of gardening tools are there?

There are so many types of gardening tools. However, we can broadly categorize gardening tools into a few classes. Check them out below:

  • Long-handled hand tools
  • Short-handled hand tools
  • Power tools
  • Digging tools
  • Nursery tools

What is the most useful garden tool?

Every garden tool is very important in its right. Some gardeners might argue that the hand trowel is the most useful because of its various functions.

However, many other tools perform several functions. In the end, it all boils down to the functions that you want to carry out and the kind of gardening you engage in.

Garden Tools Names and Uses-Conclusion

There you have it for garden tools names and uses. We have shown you a list of the most popular gardening tools along with their uses. The final part of this post answered some garden tools names and uses FAQs. If you have any other questions, kindly drop them in the comments section.


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