Front Door Colors for White House

Are you in search of the best front door colors for white house? You’re in luck as this post was written just for you.


Do you know that the color of your door can influence the way your home looks? White houses with stucco, siding exteriors, or brick are quite classy. For such houses, you have an endless variety when it comes to choosing door colors. The issue in such cases is, how to pick a front door color.

It is always a herculean task trying to choose colors since there are no specific rules. Your choice depends on your goals, personality, and home architecture. In this post, we will show you how to choose front door colors for white house with black shutters or brick.


What color door is good for a white house?

One can get excited about choosing front door colors for a house very quickly. If you aren’t so careful, you could make a mess of the project by choosing the wrong color. Because of this, you should first find out how to pick a front door color for a white house.

As we mentioned above, no specific rules guide making color choices for front doors. However, we have put together a few factors you should consider to help you choose with more ease.

Consider your surroundings

If you are finding it difficult to find the best front door colors for white house, consider your surroundings first. The environment somehow provides some inspiration in this regard. When you consider the natural earth tones and the lighting that hits the door, choosing a color should become easier.


For example, if your porch area is dark, then you should consider using a light color for the door. However, darker colors best suit entryways that have loads of light.


One important factor to consider when choosing front door colors is the home’s exterior design and structure. The style of your home dictates to a large extent what color best suits your front door. If the home has a traditional design, then a classic, rich, dark color is perfect. A modern home works better with more creative color choices.

You should consider the accessories on the home’s exterior as well. The paint color should complement these accessories. For example, if you have a garage door, the front door color should complement its color.


If you aren’t sure about how to choose a front door color for a brick house or white house, here’s a way out. Go for the classics. You can hardly get it wrong with classic colors like black, brown, or gray. These colors always work with such houses and stand the test of time. If you prefer minimalistic door designs, consider staining the door rather than painting it.


How do I pick a front door color?

Great job, you now know the factors to consider when front door colors for a white house. Even though there are no rules, there are certain things you should do when picking a front door color. Here are a few of them:

Creative colors

If you have an adventurous personality, we suggest that you pick bright, strong colors. While doing this, ensure that you follow the guidelines above like ensuring it matches your house’s style. For someone that isn’t so brave, classic colors are safer. Asides from the classic colors we mentioned earlier, you can also consider plum, blue, or green.

Clean lines

Simplicity and symmetry are always great in front of any house. While picking your door, you should consider having clean lines. You can accentuate the impact of this with plants on both sides of the door. Doing this impacts the light hitting the door at different angles to make it look a lot better.

Color wheel

You are most likely familiar with the color wheel regardless of whether you studied design or art or not. This tool helps choose colors as it shows the relationships among colors and organizes them into different groups. With a color wheel, you can tell which colors are complementary and the ones that clash. Using a color wheel helps you to decide on whether you want to use contrast or stick to a monochrome design.

What color front door is most inviting?

Now that you know how to pick a front door color, let’s take our discussion further. What front door colors for white house are most inviting? Choosing welcoming colors influences the feel a visitor has of your home. Here are some of the most welcoming front door colors:


Turquoise is a very beautiful color that isn’t quite common with white houses or brick homes. It adds some style to your home in the most unusual manner and will look better with some clear glaze.  You can use this color to make your front door stand out.

Classic black

Wondering the best front door colors for white house with black shutters? One of the best choices is classic black. It will always pop and complement the black shutters of your home. This color is also great for red brick homes and regular white houses.

Pretty aqua

There isn’t much to say about this color other than the fact that it has a comforting feel. When choosing this color, you must be careful that it complements the surrounding and exterior accessories.


Red is a no-brainer for most white houses. It is a very trendy color but may fade quickly depending on the weather in your environment. The good news is that there are several shades of red to choose from, with the darker shades not fading so quickly.

Happy yellow

Our list of welcoming colors will not be complete without yellow. This color is bright and, as the name implies, creates a happy mood. To get the best from this door color, you should make use of grounding tones in the surrounding. Such tones help to emphasize the door color while creating the perfect contrast.

Front Door Colors for White House-Conclusion

That’s it for front door colors for a white house. Choosing the perfect color helps to revive your home’s exterior and set the mood for visitors. What other front door colors do think are perfect? Share them with us in the comments section.


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