Fix Kitchen – How much does it cost?

The cost to fix kitchen depends on a lot of variables, Such as the size of the kitchen. The quality of the material, and whether you will change the entire layout or partial fixing.


According to experts from, the average cost of a kitchen remodel is around $25,656, which translates to $150 per square foot.

Also, the average cost of a small kitchen remodel is between $10,000 and $15,000. Remember, all these depend on the factors listed above.


After seeing the estimated cost to fix kitchen, the question that comes to mind is, why is kitchen remodeling so expensive?

Anyways, your kitchen is the engine room of every home. It is the door to the stomach. That makes it very valuable and expensive.

Having a serene environment in your kitchen is one of the sure ways of eating healthy, which helps life greatly. As a result, it will cost you good money to fix kitchen at any given time.


3 Questions to Ask before Fixing your kitchen

Clarity is everything. This means you must have a complete roadmap of exactly what you want out of your kitchen. To get that done, you must ask yourself these 3 questions, which are:

  • How do I really want my kitchen to look and function?
  • What kitchen space arrangement do I like?
  • Do I need a complete renovation or partial renovation?

Providing answers to the questions above will give clue on how much it cost to fix your kitchen today.

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, you either fix the appliances, the furniture, or both.

So, we will consider the cost of fixing a kitchen at that angle


Fix Kitchen – Appliances

Kitchen appliances are kitchen tools that aid you in cooking and storage. such as stove, refrigerator, microwaves, blender, toaster, stand mixer, and many more.

You can fix your kitchen appliances by replacing the old ones with new ones. Or hire the service of a repairer to put the old ones in perfect working condition.

Based on the current market price found on, the average cost of replacing basic kitchen appliances is $3750.

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Fix Kitchen – Furniture

The kitchen furniture brings out the aesthetic value of your kitchen. It entails having the modern kitchen cabinets, utensil shelve, painting and designing the wall, plumbing, electrical, flooring, and many more.

Remodeling kitchen furniture is usually on the high side because of the cost of the materials involved. The average cost of a kitchen cabinet for 25 linear feet is between $2500 and $7500.

In your case, the average cost of a kitchen cabinet will be to find out the size of your kitchen and estimate what it will be.

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Fix Kitchen- Appliances and Furniture

This is the most expensive part of kitchen remodeling because it entails fixing every part of the kitchen.

To get this done, you will be looking at the average cost of $10,000 and $30,000 depending on some factors.

Some of the factors you should consider are the size of your kitchen, your taste, the quality of material, cost of labour, and many more.

It is obvious that kitchen remodeling is capital intensive but it is really worth it. Every kitchen needs to be of a modern standard because it is the house to what you eat.

Fix Kitchen –FAQ

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to kitchen remodeling.

When should you Remodel your Kitchen?

Also, the time to remodel a kitchen depends on a lot of factors. Some of the factors you should consider is the availability of funds, the working condition of your appliances, and the strength and beauty of the furniture.

If your appliances are very bad and the condition of the furniture is bad, and you have the funds. That is the right time to remodel or fix your kitchen

Can I remodel my kitchen on my own?

If you have some experience in remodeling a kitchen, then you can remodel your kitchen on your own, but if you don’t, you can mess up a lot of things.

However, there are wonderful videos on YouTube on DIY kitchen remodel on a budget. With these videos, you can remodel your kitchen on your own.

The downside of remodeling your kitchen on your own is that it takes longer that it out to be if you had engaged an expert


Remodeling your kitchen is worth it at any given time provided you have the fund. In case you are on a limited budget, then you choose the part of kitchen to fix.

Meaning that you can remodel or replace your kitchen appliances, or you face the furniture part of it.

Have it in mind that the cost of fixing your kitchen depends on the factors listed above. Also, no particular time is bad for kitchen remodeling.

Once you have the funds and, there is every need to change your kitchen outlook, then go ahead to get that kitchen look great.

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