Fiskars Garden Tools Review

Fiskars Garden Tools Review


Fiskars garden tools review? Landscaping and gardening are fun activities to engage in. They allow us to spend time with loved ones while putting in some work. Gardening is a strenuous activity that gets easier once you have the right tools available.

There are so many brands on the market today making it a little difficult for novices to find top-quality garden tools.

One brand that has stood out for a long time is Fiskars. But then, everyone wants to know if Fiskars garden tools are worth investing in.

This post will review some of the common garden tools from this company. We have gathered information from customers, experts, and personal experience.

Continue reading to see what we think about Fiskars garden tools.

Specifications of Fiskars Garden Tools

Of course, we cannot review all the garden tools from this company. This post will cover the most popular Fiskars garden tools on the market. Check the different tools and their specifications below:

Garden multi-snip with sheath

  • Stainless steel blades that resist rust and stay sharp for longer.
  • Safety lock to keep the blades closed during transportation and storage.
  • Great for snipping stems, sawing rope, slicing burlap bags, cutting wire, and several other garden tasks.
  • DuraFrame handle to provide excellent durability.
  • Bonus sheath and belt clip for portability and easy access.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Machete (24 inches)

  • Hardened steel blade that remains sharp regardless of use.
  • A 15-inch blade that is ideal for cutting thick branches, clearing brush, cutting through fibrous palms, and handling other cutting tasks in your garden.
  • Low-friction, rust-resistant coating that helps it to glide through tough materials.
  • Comes with a carrying sheath made of nylon.
  • Lifetime warranty.

PowerGear2 Lopper (32 inches)

  • Patent PowerGear technology multiplies leverage to provide thrice more power on each cut.
  • Low-friction, rust-resistant coating that helps it to glide through tough materials.
  • Maximum cutting capacity of 2 inches in diameter.
  • Well-rounded ergonomic handles accompanied with Softgrip touchpoints to enhance control and comfort.
  • Lifetime warranty

What we like about Fiskars Garden Tools

Take Fiskars garden tools out of their box and you are likely going to be impressed with what you’d see. Usually, the tools from this brand are sturdy and either light or heavy depending on the requirements. For example, the machete looks slim in its sheath yet it has a robust handle.

One of the things that makes this brand stand out is its packaging quality. Fiskars invests a lot in its packaging which is understandable seeing that first impressions matter. Let’s look at the different garden tools listed above to discuss their pros in more detail.

Garden multi-snip with sheath

The garden multi-snip from Fiskars is pretty awesome for several reasons. They are incredibly sharp, easy to use, and very light. There is a safety button that allows you to lock and unlock the tool easily.

You can use the multi-snip as a small saw or knife when you lock it. This allows you to cut all kinds of materials including twine, rope, or even cut your bag of fertilizer or peat moss open.

Unlocking the snips unravels a tool that comes in handy for cutting weeds and small branches. They also come with a sheath that ensures safety at all times.

Below is a summary of what we like about the Garden multi-snip from Fiskars:

  • Very sharp.
  • Small and convenient sheath.
  • Versatile garden tool.
  • Easy to use.


Most people that have used the Fiskars machete agree that the handle is just about their favorite part of the tool. It is very soft and incredibly comfortable to work with. Since it is pretty lightweight, you can swing the machete with so much ease while working.

Another thing that we love about the machete is the shape. It fits perfectly into the hand while it is long enough for anyone to wield. The metal is rust-resistant so you don’t need to invest in another machete in a long time except you want to.

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Here are some things that we like about the Fiskars Machete:

  • Rust-resistant blade.
  • Great sheath.
  • Easy to use.
  • Comfortable handle.

PowerGear2 Lopper

The PowerGear2 Loppers work as they were advertised to the utmost accuracy. They allow you to cut branches with ease while the leverage and gear mechanisms work flawlessly. The grips of the lopper are very comfortable while the handles provide sufficient leverage for work.

One of the things that we love the most about the loppers is that the blade doesn’t bend. All you need to do is use the loppers based on the specs provided and you will have amazing results. Check out the pros of the PowerGear2 lopper below:

  • Long handles.
  • Very sharp.
  • Easy to use.
  • Accurate cuts that are in line with the advertisement.

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What we don’t like about Fiskars Garden Tools

As much as we have praise for Fiskars garden tools, we must tell you that they aren’t exactly perfect. Well, nothing exists that is void of a few cons. In this section, we will discuss some of the cons of these garden tools.

Garden multi-snip with sheath

The only problem with the snips is the clip on its sheath. This clip doesn’t seem to be strong enough to withstand tension. If Fiskars changes this, then you’d have a perfect pair of snips.


Is there anything to complain about regarding the Fiskars machete? Maybe the fact that the blade isn’t incredibly sharp. However, this shouldn’t be an issue since machetes don’t need to be extremely sharp to perform optimally.

What matters is the shape of the blade and the swinging motion. Fiskars has got the shape of the machete spot on and it is light enough for easy swinging.

PowerGear2 Loppers

While it is difficult to find any fault in this tool, there is still something we think Fiskars can adjust. The width of the arms when they are open isn’t as far-reaching as most gardeners would prefer. Asides from this, there isn’t anything else that strikes the eye as a challenge with this product.

Fiskars Garden Tools Review-Conclusion

Fiskars garden tools are designed to be durable and perform optimally. We have shown you some of their most popular tools in this post. Overall, their prices are worth every amount spent since they deliver so much value.

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