How to Connect PoE Switch to NVR

Question: How to Connect PoE Switch to NVR?


Security is a very important aspect of our daily lives. It has also become paramount for businesses to invest in the security of lives and property. No wonder, the security industry is growing at a faster rate than we have ever experienced.

Security cameras are very important to security systems and one very popular security camera system is the NVR. NVR stands for Network Video Recorder and it provides users with coverage of their property for real-time and future viewing. One question that is popular among users of NVRs is, “How do you connect PoE switch to NVR?”


This post will show you how to connect PoE switch to NVR using the simplest steps. Before then, let’s look at what an NVR and a PoE switch are.

Defining NVR

To understand how to connect PoE switch to NVR, we must understand what an NVR is. As stated above, NVR is an acronym for Network Video Recorder. The system comprises dedicated video management software, computer, and IP cameras.

NVRs are digital security camera systems that record video and audio data and store it on designated storage. The designated storage could be the cloud, microSD card, external hard drive, or any other storage device.


An NVR works with a set of IP cameras that collect and convert the footage to usable data. There are several configuration options for NVRs and IP cameras. One such option is a PoE switch and it is fast gaining recognition.

What is a PoE Switch?

Before we explain what a PoE switch is, we should first consider what PoE stands for. As you would have guessed, PoE is an acronym that means Power over Ethernet.

It makes it possible for a single cable to provide both electric power and data connection to a piece of equipment. In this case, the piece of equipment that requires power and data connection is an IP camera.

A PoE switch is a device that contains an array of Ethernet RJ45 ports. It makes it possible for users to connect a series of PoE cables to provide power and data connection to different equipment.


The advantage of using a PoE is that it makes expanding a network a lot easier and less messy. How does the switch work? It assigns a LAN IP address to each camera so that you can see them and manage them remotely. You need to connect the switch to the same network on which you have your NVR.

What is a PoE NVR?

We have already explained what an NVR is above. However, some NVRs come with a PoE switch built-in. Such NVRs are called “PoE NVRs” and they are designed to work with IP cameras.

A PoE NVR can provide power and data through an Ethernet cable without the need for an external PoE switch. In theory, this saves you some cost as you just need to purchase Ethernet cables and connect your cameras directly. This type of NVR is great for individuals with small networks and those with little network administration experience.

How to Connect PoE Switch to NVR

So far, we have laid the foundation upon which to explain how to connect PoE switch to NVR. With a PoE switch, all you need to do is connect your cameras to a single switch, and connect that switch to the NVR. The connection process depends on the NVR you are working with.

This post will focus on how to connect a PoE switch to a PoE NVR since they are becoming more common. As we mentioned above,

PoE switches help to reduce the number of cables that you will use for your connection. They also help your cameras transmit data over very long distances.

More than anything else, they make it possible to connect several cameras to the same switch. This way, you only need a single cable to connect the switch to your NVR.

The steps below will guide you on how to connect PoE switch to NVR:

Step 1: Purchase a PoE Switch

As you would expect, the first thing that you should do is to purchase a PoE switch. Find one that allows you to connect IP cameras designed for extended transmission. Doing this allows you to transmit data over longer distances up to 750 feet.

Also, you must ensure that the switch can provide sufficient power to each camera. Check that the switch can supply the power needs of all your cameras at once.

Step 2: Connect the IP cameras to the switch

Now that you have your PoE switch, get your Ethernet cables and use them to connect the cameras to the switch. Note that you should always leave one of the ports open. This extra port makes it possible to connect the PoE switch to your existing network where you have the NVR.

Step 3: Connect the PoE Switch to your Router

After you have plugged all the cameras into the PoE switch, you need to connect the switch to the router. Ensure that you connect it to the same router to which you have already connected your NVR. If you are not using a router, then you may have a regular switch. Whatever the case is, the switch and NVR should be on the same network.

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Step 4: Turn the PoE switch on

Great job so far! Now, it is time to power your PoE switch on. Simply connect it to the power socket and flip the switch on.

Step 5: Add your cameras to the NVR

Once you turn on the PoE switch, the connected cameras receive power and come on. It is time to add them to your NVR by assigning an IP address to each camera. Doing this allows you to record from each connected camera.

How to Connect PoE Switch to NVR-Conclusion

There you have it for how to connect PoE switch to NVR. The process is pretty straightforward once you follow the steps described above. If you have any concerns or questions, drop them in the comments section below.

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