Best NVR camera system- 7 Top Security Gadget for Surveillance

Human Survival largely depends on how secured his environment is. In other words, security should be paramount in our life. That is why we present to you the best NVR camera system designed to monitor your environment with a high degree of accuracy.


Before you pull out your wallet to pay for one, there is every need for you to belong among the few enlightened buyers. This means you need to understand the basic features of a fail-proof NVR security camera system.

We’ve carefully selected the 7 best NVR surveillance systems on the market today. We hinged our selection based on the high score of basic features such as durability, high resolution, ease of installation, storage capacity, affordability, and customer reviews.


We equally considered the pros and cons of each brand in this NVR review. Let’s take a deep look into the NVR systems on our list.

 Best NVR Camera System – Details

1.  REOLINK 8CH 5MP PoE Camera System

Best NVR Camera System

Best NVR Camera System

The name reolink sends a strong message when it comes to the home security camera system. The model 8CH, 5MP is made to monitor a distance of about 100ft from the point of installation. It will interest you to know that the long-distance does not affect the resolution or quality of the recordings.


This means all images monitored and captured by the camera are clearly displayed in a 2560 X 1920 HD format.

The installation process of this system does not require any technical expertise. It is a plug-and-play PoE system. The complete kit comes with a 60ft network cable that allows easy connection between the cameras and the NVR ports.

The performance and display of this best NVR security camera system are instant, which is why recording and live views can be seen within seconds via an HDMI monitor.

The 330ft CAT6 or 270ft CAT5 enthrent cables ensure a stable digital signal output.


Above all, the videos or recordings cannot lose quality or be destroyed even when the CAT6 or CAT5 cable is faulty. Therefore, you are sure of quality results at any given time of the day.

Reolink 8CH 5MP comes with a hard drive storage capacity of 2TB, and that makes it possible to record videos that can last up to 10 days without overwriting.

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Also, there is a provision to increase the storage capacity to 6TB if need be via the camera’s e-SATA port.

A very interesting feature of this NVR camera system is that you can playback the video via your smart device anywhere, anytime, provided you installed the free reolink app.

Every purchase is covered by a 2-year unconditional warranty, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • The system has very high-quality cameras
  • The motion alert feature is exceptional
  • Recorded videos can be watched from mobile or Smartphone anywhere and anytime
  • Very easy to set up, even when you have not installed NVR security system before
  • With the POE there is no need for a separate power source


  • Sometimes there is a delay in response from the customer support

2. ZOSI 8CH 1080P Wireless Security Cameras System

ZOSI 8CH 1080P Wireless Security Cameras System

ZOSI 8CH 1080P Wireless Security Cameras System

This is Amazon’s choice, which buttresses the satisfaction users get with this best NVR Camera system.

It is developed with advanced H265 technology which ensures high data storage capacity while maintaining the high quality of the video recordings.

The expandable feature of the system increases the flexibility of adding more cameras when there is a need for more.

The Ip cameras are made of aluminum metal or material, thereby making it almost impossible to rust. In other words, the IP cameras are waterproof, which makes them a perfect choice for both outdoor and indoor purposes.

In total darkness, this surveillance system can capture motions 80ft from the point of installation. And 130ft night vision in ambient light.

Interestingly, the quality of the images or recording is crystal clear due to the presence of built-in 24 pieces of IR LED

The storage capacity or hard drive of ZOSI 8CH wireless security system is 1TB and can be set to automatically overwrite the old recordings.

In case the hard drive is filled and you don’t want to overwrite old footage, there is provision for files transfer via USB or to an external hard disc.

The reports recorded by this security system can be accessed remotely, anywhere, and anytime simultaneously on smart devices be it android or IOS.

Network signal strength does not affect the performance of the display. That is why you can access the report with WI-FI of 2G, 3G, and 4G, any never to miss out on a moment with remote and local playback.

This NVR security camera system is not completely wireless because it must be connected to power adaptors for supply. However, you don’t need video cables to enjoy the effective display.

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  • Very affordable compared to the performance of the system
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Can cover up to 130ft night vision in ambient light
  • It is expandable, which means you can add more cameras with ease
  • Very easy to set up


  • The hard drive of 1TB may not be enough for a very long time recording
  • Lack backup storage device

3.  Reolink 4MP 16CH PoE Video Surveillance System

.  Reolink 4MP 16CH PoE Video Surveillance System

. Reolink 4MP 16CH PoE Video Surveillance System

This is another great NVR security system from Reolink that can easily be installed by plugin the security camera into the NVR. This makes it the darling of first-timers or those without prior knowledge of how to install an NVR security system.

The length of the camera cable stretches up to 270ft via a CAT5 or 330ft via a CAT6 Ethernet cable. Therefore, it is designed to be easily positioned in sensitive areas without a shortage of cables.

With the built-in hard drive capacity of 3TB, it can record events, images, or video simultaneously from 16 channels. This is a perfect system for both a home and a busy business area.

The auto overwrites feature is very essential especially when you’ll be away for a long time or when time does not permit for manual transfer of the recorded footage to external storage via USB.

With the smart motion-triggered alert mechanism, you’re sure of a 24/7 secured home or business environment.

Your surrounding is safe no matter how dark the night gets because with the auto IR cut filter, the system can capture events or images 100ft from point of installation.

The quality of the images and videos remains top-notch day and night due to the presence of 4MP super HD and vivid night vision tech.

Distance is not a barrier to how to monitor the activities captured by this NVR camera system. With the Free Reolink app, you can access the report remotely anywhere and anytime from your smart devices, irrespective of the WIFI strength in your location.

A 30-day money-back guarantee from Reolink clears all doubt on whether it works great or not. In other words, you’ve 30 days to buy and test the NVR security system risk-free.

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  • 1440p resolution is one of the highest on the market, which entails that you can see images and video recording clear even from afar.
  • PoE makes it very easy for installation even if you have no previous experience
  • The motion tracking system is very sensitive in that it picks the slightest movement within the area of cover
  • Extra ports for addition of cameras if need be
  • Comes with a free APP that enables access to the footage from multiple devices


It is a bit pricey. Though it has extra functions that cannot be found in other NVR camera system

The motions sensitivity setting requires extra thinking to get it right. Therefore, spend more time studying the installation manual.

4. Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System

Best NVR Camera System

Best NVR Camera System

Hiseeu is another 8 channel security system on our list of best NVR camera systems. It is suitable for homes and small projects since it can only capture images just 64ft away from point of installation at night.

Also, this wireless security camera system can capture sound 19ft away from the point of installation.

It will interest you to know that it does not require an external speaker; rather the camera has a built-in microphone and speaker.

It is a 2 way-way audio security system, which means you can communicate easily from another side of the globe and it is made possible via an Eseecloud App.

The built-in hard drive of 1TB and H256 video compression mechanism is designed to compress the data by 50%. The good thing is that the quality of the video recordings remains high and unaltered. Also, it supports up to 6TB HDD for large storage.

The IP camera delivers high-resolution video with low bandwidth, which saves the network bandwidth by 50% and ensures 45 days of uninterrupted video recording.

You can access the report from Hiseeu from any part of the world, provided you’re connected to the internet, and this is made possible through a free Eseecloud App that can be downloaded from Google play store or apple store.

Hiseeu has one of the best outdoor cameras that can withstand 10 years of wind and rain erosion. This is possible because it is made of a high-quality aluminum alloy shell and silica gel waterproof ring. It is built to last that is why every part is designed using a 304 stainless steel screw.

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  • Excellent customer support that works from 5 pm to 12 am pacific time daily
  • High-quality video output
  • There is provision for more cameras
  • High sensitive motion detection
  • The whole camera work simultaneously


  • The operational manual is not self-explanatory. Therefore, it requires more of your time to study it, else you will mess things up.

5. Anpviz 5MP IP POE Security Camera System

Anpviz 5MP IP POE Security Camera System

Anpviz 5MP IP POE Security Camera System

Anpvis IP POE security camera system is designed for easy and simplified installation. All you need to connect the IP cameras to the NVR is a single cable both for power supply and video signal transmission.

That lowers the time of installation and eliminates the use of cables in every corner of the building. It has the H.256 tech, which saves storage space by 50%, and it comes with a 2TB hard drive that enables 24/7 recording over a long period.

It is made for high-definition recording, viewing, and can display 4 cameras simultaneously. There are 4 extra ports, in case there is a need for the addition of more cameras.

The POE IP dome camera housing is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which makes it highly water, snow, and wind-resistant, hence the perfect choice for outdoor installation. Also, it has a 2.8mm lens, which is the reason for the super-wide viewing angle.

The focus range of this best NVR system is up to 98ft even in the darkest time of the night. With a free App downloadable from the Google play store you can remotely access the report from this system on multi-devices.

The report is instant via an email alert, and push notification directly on your mobile device. It comes with a customized motion-detecting mechanism that provides an instant report.

The purchase of this NVR security system comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a year warranty. This includes free parts and replacement and lifetime technical support.

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  • The camera has the built-in audio facility
  • 5MP provides effective recording
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Built to last and withstand harsh weather conditions


  • The operating manual is not well simplified for a newbie

6. Lorex 4K Ultra HD IP 8-Channel NVR System

Lorex 4K Ultra HD IP 8-Channel NVR System

Lorex 4K Ultra HD IP 8-Channel NVR System

If a near-perfect NVR security system is what you need, not minding cost, then Lorex 4k UHD is the best buy.

The 4K UHD provides snow-like clarity both day and night. Color night vision delivers enhanced detail for nighttime video.

It comes with extra security features such as a warning light and siren. In other words, it doesn’t only capture images, it places you on alert when need be.

Lorex cameral is strongly built to withstand any extreme weather condition, which makes it a perfect outdoor security system. That is why it has an IP67 weatherproof rating.

With a built-in 3TB HD and a wired connection, you are sure of uninterrupted 27/7 monitoring.

This best NVR camera system has a coverage distance of 150ft or 46m away from the point of installation. It works with Alexa and has no monthly maintenance cost.

No matter your location on this planet, you can easily access the report from this system provided you downloaded the free APP that aids in a fast and instant report.

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  • Exceptional video and audio quality
  • The camera is weatherproof, which makes it perfect for outdoor installation

7.  Amcrest 5MP Security Camera System

Best NVR camera system

Best NVR camera system

The high rating of this security system by Amazon reviewers is a clear indication that we’re not wrong by selecting it among the best NVR camera system.

Amcrest has a built-in hard drive capacity of 2TB and can equally support a hard drive up to 6TB. All this makes it possible to record and store large video and audio files over a long period.

The storage capacity did not end there, with the H.256 technology; the videos can be compressed by 50% while keeping the quality of the resolution.

You don’t need any previous or technical knowledge to configure the Amcrest 5MP security camera. It is a plug-and-play system. The process is well explained in the operational manual attached to it.

Max 80Mbps Incoming Bandwidth, supports max 7 cameras @ 4K. Real-time, highly reliable HD video without loss or delay. Conveniently packaged with extras such as USB mouse, network cable, and quick start guide with user manual.

The outdoor camera utilizes a CMOS progressive image sensor and chipset. In other words, it has a motion-detecting sensor for real-time reports. Also, with a viewing angle of 103 degrees, you are sure that every part of your surrounding is secured.

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  • Provides an excellent picture quality
  • Very easy to set up
  • Has the exceptional large field of view
  • It has a privacy cover and very clear light around the camera


  • The sound output is not as clear as the video
  • The customer service is not responsive as it ought to be

Best Wireless NVR Security System

Though I’ve discussed a few of the best wireless NVR systems above, there is a need to expatiate more on them here.

The reason for this detailed explanation is that most buyers thought that wireless NVR has nothing to do with wires. Or they are battery operated since it is called a wireless security system.

It will interest you to know that the IP cameras of a wireless system receive power via wires. In other words, the IP cameras are connected to wires that supply the power needed to operate.

The term wireless is used based on the signal transmitting method. The signals or footage recorded by the system is wirelessly transmitted to the home via WI-FI.

Then the Signals or footage transmitted to the Wi-Fi are sent directly to the cloud server, where it can be accessed instantly or stored for the latter view.

The advantages of the using wireless NVR security system are as follows:

  • It generates a real-time report of signals
  • Very easy to set up and manage

I discussed extensively the features of the two best wireless NVR security systems on the market above.

They are:

These are the best based on their exceptional performances as you can see via customer reviews and ratings.

For instance, at the time of writing this NVR review, ZOSI 8CH, 1080P wireless security camera system has an Amazon’s choice sticker. This means it is endorsed by Amazon, and it is only good testimonies from buyers that will lead to Amazon’s endorsement of a product.

It has over 2000 reviews and is averagely rated as a 4.1-star product, which means you can’t go wrong if you decide to go for this wireless NVR system.

Hisseu wireless security camera system also has Amazon’s choice sticker, which means that the product quality speaks for itself. With over 2000 customers averagely rating it, 4.4 stars out of 5 is a clear sign that you’re about getting the best should you for it.

Best 4k NVR Security System

The 4K technology is a revolutionary discovery or advancement in the security world. The more sophisticated crimes become the more advanced technology that will help reduce it to the barest minimum.

4k NVR is a camera recording system that has the highest resolution. Note that 4 K resolution is data-intensive, and requires considerable hard drive storage for video retention, but it provides the best clarity possible for a security camera.

From detailed market research, the best 4k NVR security systems are:

Best NVR camera system – FAQ

Which is better NVR or DVR?

Both NVR and DVR security system are great in performance. The major difference is in the picture quality. The NVR has a better picture quality when compared to the DVR system.

Also, the NVR camera system has a high rating of ease of installation and is flexible to operate.

How many types of NVR are there?

There are two types of NVR. The Poe and the Wi-Fi NVRs. The Poe comes with Ethernet ports while the WIFI NVR has no camera ports. Wi-Fi makes its connectivity wireless.

 How do I choose an NVR?

There are lots of factors to consider before buying NVR, like cost, resolution, ease of installation, and many more.

But basically, you should not buy NVR without considering these 2 factors, which are:

  • The number of channels
  • If the NVR will be standalone or a standard NVR

Is there a wireless NVR?

Yes, there are wireless NVR cameras. And the best among the wireless NVR system is the 1080P firstrend 8 Channel security system

Can NVR be hacked?

Among all the best NVR camera systems listed above, no one can be hacked as long as you do the right connection.

What are the advantages of NVR?

As I stated earlier, the advantage of the NVR camera system is that it produces high-resolution images. And it is easy to install and maintain.


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