Are Olive Garden Breadsticks Vegan?

Question: Are Olive Garden breadsticks Vegan?


Olive Garden is a casual dine-in restaurant chain in America with a specialty in Italian-American delicacies. This brand has more than 900 branches globally with a lot of vegan options on its menu.

One of the famous delicacies at Olive Garden is the “Breadsticks.” This is why the question “is Olive Garden breadsticks vegan” is quite popular.


Without mincing words, the breadsticks are delicious and almost immaculate. They may seem so to an untrained vegan until you begin to unravel the details.

One challenge with this delicacy is that it is so difficult to find one that is not made with milk or coated in butter. This is the reason why we prefer Olive Garden breadsticks.

Are Olive Garden Breadsticks Truly Vegan?

Olive Garden seems to have the best breadsticks anywhere around. From the way they look to the delicious taste and how they melt on the tongue. However, if you’ve had any experience with breadsticks as a vegan, you’d be wary of breadsticks anywhere you go.


As we mentioned above, there is the tendency that the breadsticks are covered in butter or made using milk. Either ingredient isn’t something a vegan wants to associate with.

This is why most vegans that visit this restaurant as the question, “Are Olive Garden Breadsticks vegan?” The good news is that they are completely vegan. You will even find them listed under the vegan-friendly section of the restaurant’s website.

If you like to dip your breadsticks in marinara sauce, you might be a little worried as well. There’s no need to be since the sauce is also completely vegan.

Certain fast-food brands require you to make modifications to your order to get vegan breadsticks. For example, you have to state that you want your breadsticks without parmesan cheese at Little Caesar’s Crazy Bread.


You don’t have to do that at Olive Garden and that is so cool. The bread doesn’t contain eggs or butter and the garlic topping is gotten from margarine. You can check the restaurant’s Nutritional FAQs for more details.

Vegan Options at Olive Garden

Of course, you don’t only get breadsticks as your vegan option Olive Garden. What if you don’t want breadsticks or you want an accompaniment for your breadsticks? Below are some of the vegan options that you can exploit at Olive Garden:

Salad (without substitute dressing and croutons)

One food you should try as a vegan at Olive Garden is salad. This signature dish uses oil along with balsamic vinegar instead of Italian dressing. It also removes the croutons to make the dish completely vegan. Don’t forget to hold the cheese when the waiter offers this dish.

Marinara Sauce and Spaghetti

This is the only vegan-friendly cuisine on the menu at Olive Garden. As we mentioned earlier, the marinara sauce at Olive Garden is vegan, same goes for the spaghetti without a doubt. This dish is a classic and combines greatly with the Olive Garden breadsticks or salad.

Minestrone Soup

When you check Olive Garden’s website, it is written boldly that this dish is a classic. It was designed solely for vegans and it has a very delicious taste. The hearty soup combines fresh vegetables with pasta and beans along with a light tomato broth. You should eat this on a cold winter morning along with the cold Olive Garden signature salad.

Steamed Broccoli Side

There is just one vegan side dish at Olive Garden, the steamed broccoli side dish. One may say that this isn’t the most exciting side dish in the world. However, it adds a lot of color to your food asides from being highly nutritious.

Custom Pasta

Olive Garden allows you to create a custom pasta dish. This opportunity comes in handy when you want to eat vegan pasta that is different from what the menu offers. The option is called “Create Your Own Pasta” it allows you to choose any of the eight pasta types on the menu. You can then dress it with tomato sauce or marinara and add some garden veggies to the mix.

Here is a list of the kinds of pasta available:

  • Zoodles
  • Whole Grain Linguine
  • Spaghetti
  • Small Shells
  • Rigatoni
  • Fettuccine
  • Cavatappi
  • Angel Hair

Pick any of these and mix it with the options mentioned above to get yourself custom pasta.


Olive Garden doesn’t just leave you with vegan food options. It has an array of drinks that you can choose from. The list includes non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

Note that your options depend on the inventory at the Olive Garden branch that you visit. Ensure that you check with the waiter that attends to you to confirm before placing your order.

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Are Olive Garden Breadsticks Vegan – FAQs

Here are some important frequently asked questions and answers about Olive Garden Breadsticks.

Is the butter on Olive Garden breadsticks vegan?

Olive Garden Breadsticks don’t have butter. They aren’t made using butter or margarine. Instead, garlic salts and margarine are added later and you can request that they aren’t added to yours.

Are Olive Garden noodles vegan?

Almost every dish in the pasta selection at Olive Garden is vegan. The noodles are vegan and are known as “Zoodles.” We have given you a list of other vegan pasta options at the restaurant.

Is Olive Garden’s dressing vegan?

Asides from the marinara and tomato sauce, the house dressing at Olive Garden isn’t vegan. You can choose any of the named options for your breadsticks.

Are Olive Garden breadsticks free?

No. You need to pay to eat Olive Garden breadsticks. However, if they are on your table and not your main order, you don’t have to pay for them.


Are Olive Garden breadsticks vegan? This post has answered this question extensively and also provided a list of other options that you can exploit at Olive Garden. Do you have any other questions? Drop them in the comments section below.


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